Tampere United Methodist Church

Tampere United Methodist Church is a vivid and warm church in the city centre of Tampere. We are here by the grace of God and exist for people just like you. Come and visit us! We provide interpretation into English at all our Sunday evening services, every Sunday at 4 p.m.

We are a revivalist and well­known independent Christian church which is part of the nationwide Finnish United Methodist Church. Globally, we belong to the worldwide United Methodist Church. The global UMC has over 12 million members, and it is currently growing strongly in Africa and Asia.

Our church is situated at a peaceful location in the city centre near the Tammerkoski rapids, at the street address Lapintie 4. The entrance is from the short crossing street Palokunnankatu, next to the central fire station. The church has been blessing our city with its operation since 1895. Particularly in the past few years we have been growing by the grace of God. The amount of members has more than doubled in the past seven years. We have over 150 members at the moment.

Please check out this new Presentation video of our church.

We have been operating at our current location since the end of the 1950’s. We gather together in a church which feels like home with its good and warm atmosphere. Our church is lively, and the members are of all ages. It is easy to come to our church; we have all kinds of events. We are happy for anyone who visits us, and everyone is welcome. Come and visit us, join and see!

If you are interested to learn about the basics of Christianity, or would like to know about the membership of our church, please contact Anni, tel. 045-1415250, email anni.backman(ät)metodistikirkko.net. Please ask also about our International Small Group.

FINNISH COURSE FOR BEGINNERS in the Fellowship Room at the back of the church yard.

FINNISH CONVERSATION GROUP in the Fellowship Room at the back of the church yard.

REGISTRATIONS & INQUIRIES to: Anni, tel. 045-1415250, e-mail anni.backman(ät)metodistikirkko.net. You are cordially WELCOME to our courses!

Sunday Services

The services are held every Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. At our church, the Lord’s Supper is open to everyone who either believes or would like to believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. For children there is a Sunday school group where they hear Bible stories, do art and crafts, play and meet friends.  Everyone is cordially welcome to our church!